Arch Street United Methodist Church - a reconciling congregation
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Membership @ ASUMC


What do Ghana, Georgia and Germantown have in common? They are just a few of the places where Arch Street’s members are from. 
Baptism prepares a person for membership and baptism in the United Methodist Church is available to persons of any age. In fact, families are encouraged to have infants baptized because God’s grace and love surrounds us all. Once baptized - either as child, in another church, in another denomination, or as an adult - always baptized. Baptism is by God’s grace and no one church or denomination controls God’s grace. So, Baptism is not repeated but remembered during the membership ceremony.
The pathways to membership include the following: Confirmation, Profession of Faith, Transfer of Membership, Affiliate Membership and Associate Membership. All of the above are conduits of the Holy Spirit and confirm God’s call to Christian Discipleship.
Children, twelve years old and older, baptized as infants and having grown up in the congregation, are encouraged to attend Confirmation Class. Over several weeks, the children/youth are instructed in the basics of the Christian faith and the responsibilities of membership. At the end of the sessions, those who decide to become members present themselves before the congregation and take the vows of membership.  
After attending worship and other events at the church, baptized youth and adults may request to become members by Profession of Faith. After one or more sessions with the Pastor and/or attendance at a New Members Class, persons present themselves before the congregation and take the membership vows.
Members of a United Methodist Church may Transfer Membership from one United Methodist Church to another. This happens most frequently when a person or family relocates to a new neighborhood.
Affiliate Members, are members of a United Methodist congregation already but are temporarily living in a new place due to study, work or other reasons and wish to make a commitment to the local church where they live but plan to return home and resume daily life, sometime in the future.
Associate Members are persons who wish to make a strong commitment to the United Methodist Church but do not wish to give up their membership in a church of another denomination. 
ASUMC has members who have come into the fellowship of the church through all of the pathways mentioned above. Together the members of ASUMC take and live out the following vows:
To renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness
To accept the freedom and power God gives to resist evil
To confess Jesus Christ as Savior
To be faithful members of Christ’s holy church
To be loyal to the United Methodist Church
To faithfully participate in the church’s ministries
To receive and profess the Christian faith contained in The Bible
For more information on becoming a member, please contact Rev. Robin M. Hynicka at (215) 498 3718 or