Arch Street United Methodist Church - a reconciling congregation
Monday, April 21, 2014

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:  

Arch Street United Methodist Church will be a welcoming christian community that inspires openness, understanding and reconciliation both within the congregation and in the community-at-large


Mission Statement:

Arch Street United Methodist Church's mission is to love God and neighbor by nurturing individuals on their spiritual journeys, encouraging creativity in faithful service, strengthening relationships and promoting justice.


Reconciling Ministry Statement:

God’s table is open to all. There’s room at the table for you.


Arch Street United Methodist Church is a community of faith-keeping and faith-seeking people who embrace diversity in our congregation and community, and affirm the dignity and worth of every person as created in the image of God. We celebrate and give thanks for all of the gifts of God among us. Our welcome knows no boundaries, whether of age, racial or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, economic or marital status, or physical or mental ability. We welcome all to share in the ministry, fellowship, and blessings of full participation as members of Christ’s body.