Arch Street United Methodist Church - a reconciling congregation
Thursday, April 24, 2014


Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild


Our congregation shares POWER’s vision of a better life for Philadelphia’s people and their city. 
Together we seek to:
1) Build a stronger sense of community
2) Address local problems and concerns
3) Translate our faith into action
4) Transform our neighborhoods and city.

Upcoming Meetings/Events  **local events in blue

MEETING/EVENT                                           DATE & TIME                      LOCATION                             _________
Founding Convention Planning Committee          Tue, July 12th, 6-9pm           St. Peter's Episcopal (313 Pine St)
Local Organizing Committee Meeting                Thu, July 28th, 6-7:30pm       Arch Street UMC
Joint Research Leaders & Convention Planning   Thu, August 11th, 6-9pm        TBA
Founding Convention                                      Sun, Sep. 25th                      TBA
City-Wide Work
  • Where we were: Relational Outreach.  In the first phase of our work, we began to form one-on-one relationships with people in our community to find out the issues that are important to them.  At ASUMC, we met the goal of completing at least 50 one-on-one relational outreach meeting with people. A summary of the issues that emerged from most of these meetings can be found under "Resources" below.  We must continue to do one-on-one relational outreach meetings as well as following up with those with whom we have met!  This is how we build power--through relationships with people!

  • Where we are: Research.  Based on what we have learned through our relational outreach, we have come up with 5 main issue categories to focus our research: 1) Education/Youth, 2) Jobs/Poverty, 3) Public Safety, 4) Housing, and 5) Health/Older Adult Services.  Each of these groups have been meeting with groups and individuals who are potential allies and decision-makers in the process of creating change. From these meetings, we are learning about the blueprints behind each of these large systems in our communities--the places where these blueprints are broken, the places where there is potential to fix or rebuild the blueprint, and the key players who have an influence on the process.  Join a group to learn more!

  • Where we are going: Founding Convention:  Our goal is to amass both knowledge and people in order to host a Founding Convention to debut and kick off the City Wide POWER organization.  We will be inviting key leaders and decision makers in Philadelphia and presenting to them a summary of what we have learned about the issues plaguing the city as well as asking them to commit to partnering with us in creating the changes our city needs.  Until then, we need to build our numbers!  Won't you join us in our mission to improve the city?
Local Organizing Committee Work
  • Announcement!  On March 23, 2011, the Church Council approved ASUMC to become an official member of POWER.  This means we will be represented on the board of POWER and receive support from the POWER staff as we pursue our work on both the local and city-wide level.

  • Current Mission. Right now, we want to know our community's pains. What do YOU care about?
  • Current Work.  We are currently working on building our local organizing body and creating relationships both within and outside of our congregation. We are also working to build a strong relationship with other Local Organizing Committees in Center City. Our hope is to work together with them in tackling the pains and struggles in our communities. Please support us by attending our local organizing meetings and/or contacting us with the issues you care about!

  • Relational Outreach
    • One-on-one overview.  This document is a handout from the initial POWER meeting that contains helpful information and suggestions for conducting a successful one-on-one conversation. 
    • Form for summarizing a one-on-one conversation.  Use this form to submit a record with highlights from your one-on-one conversations. Remember that this it NOT an interview!  We suggest that you focus on building a relationship with the person during your meeting and only take notes and fill out this form afterwards.  If you would like hard copies of the form instead, please contact Pastor Robin.
    • Emerging Issues - Document reporting the issues emerging from our one-on-ones at ASUMC, updated November 17, 2010.
If you would like to be added to the POWER mailing list, get involved with POWER in any way, or have any questions about POWER, please contact Vivian Liu at
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